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WPHOA - Western Pennsylvania Hockey Officials Association

The Western Pennsylvania Hockey Officials Association (WPHOA) has been in existence for over 40 years, serving the local hockey community since 1971. From the days of just a few teams playing out of a handful of rinks to today's mature hockey market, our customers have steadfastly relied upon WPHOA to provide highest-quality officiating to games, tournaments, and showcases at the collegiate, scholastic and amateur levels.

WPHOA has established, over many decades, the infrastructure and resources necessary to continue to grow and evolve our organization to meet the demands of the ever-changing hockey world. Through continuous recruitment, training, education and evaluation of first-rate hockey officials, WPHOA has concurrently contributed to the betterment of the game as ice hockey has increased in popularity across the tri-state area. Our current membership numbers over 180 individuals who now serve hundreds of teams and over 70 ice rinks throughout the region. Our dedication and love for the game is as genuine as that of any player, coach, administrator, or parent, and our passion shows through our performance on the ice, our contributions to the sport, and our service to the entire hockey community.

Our experience, leadership and service clearly establish WPHOA as the tri-state area's premier hockey officiating organization.